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1. Biogas complex Gorvodokanal, Penza, 2012.

Company «Biogas technology» LLC designed a biogas plant at the site of treatment facilities Vodokanal, Penza. The project provides for recycling of sewage sludge, biogas production and electricity generation to 1.5 MW, which will be used for their own technological needs. The project was developed in conjunction with Agrinz Technologies (Austria) with the use of co-generation power plant manufactured by MWM (Germany).

2. Biogas plant of 2.4 mW at a duck farm.

Company "Biogas Technologies" performed engineering of a biogas plant on duck slurry. The project provides the construction of the 2.4 MW biogas plant in the duck farm under construction. The project allows the Owner of the duck farm to solve the following tasks:
- Resolve issues with environmental disposal of duck slurry - processed duck slurry in the amount of 200 thousand tons per year after the biogas plant will be of a valuable fertilizer for pouring it to the nearby Customer's fields
- To generate up to 50-60% of the electricity for their own use in the duck farm
The project is being implemented with the assistance of technology and equipment of UTS Germany.

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