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    Biogas production in agriculture:

    Biogas production in agriculture is a very important economic and ecological aspects. Farm manure and poultry litter are a great own raw material for fuel, which can be used on the farm. And if you still have with their own green mass, silage or agricultural waste, which can be added to the manure or litter, it will significantly increase the production of biogas.
    Own biogas as fuel provides energy independence and cost savings. Biogas can operate gas-piston cogeneration facility that produces Energy consumption and heat. Also, after the release of biogas, feedstock is converted into an excellent fertilizer.
    Collecting and using biogas a holder of biogas complex reduces methane load coup on atmosphere, thus protecting the environment.
In agriculture, mainly the following technologies biogas production are used:
  - Direct fermentation.
  - Fermentation with intermediate hydrolysis.



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