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Agriculture  Sewage treatment plant  Mini-complexes

     Biogas production at wastewater treatment plants.    

    Biogas for municipal sewage treatment facilities are getting in direct anaerobic digestion purification sludge.
    Through several stages of cleaning water is separated from the suspended particles and the Return into the river, and the solid substrate, its organic component, with enough moisture goes to the fermentation in the fermenter (s).
    There is a reaction of methane fermenters with constant stirring, as he fed the sludge after different stages of deposition.
    Biogas composed by 55-70% of the methane is collected in the gas tank, which can be implemented as packed to the fermenter, and can be detached.
    Then Biogas is getting the process of drying and sulfur removal. And prepared in such a way it can be fed into a gas engine cogeneration unit to produce electricity and heat. It can also be used simply as a fuel for boilers.
    Digested sludge, depending on the desires and possibilities of the customer can be stored in the sludge fields. It may act as a vehicle after the process of dryinf, for example, for building materials or tires. It can be used as fertilizer in agriculture If the local environmental legislation and analysis of digested sludge should permit it.


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